About us

Chemitreatindia.com is in the business of chemical manufacturing since the last two decades and has acquired a considerable market share. We have a large list of local and global clients with whom we have worked in the past. At chemitreatindia.com we have a team of learned scientists who comply with the latest environment rules before manufacturing of chemicals in bulk. Our team of scientists is known to do a thorough lab test with the sample of chemicals before they manufacture it in bulk.

Our aim

  • We are looking for a long term relationship with our clients, and want to give them excellent quality product and become a global leader in chemical supplies.
  • To provide chemicals to our clients in the best way possible so that they don’t have to suffer any loss due to spillage.
  • To keep on adapting better techniques which will make us give excellent products to our customers.
  • We believe to inculcate great value to our product through employee and worker empowerment and appreciation.

Why choose us?

Our company is known to provide chemicals used in every other sector like medicals, construction industry, household usage, automobile, cleaning industry, military, air force etc. We have also undertaken various government tenders in the past and are known to complete every other project within the time constraint. Chemitreatindia.com has streamlined production facility and we have computerized plants which provide automated and refined chemicals.

We have dedicated workers who know their job responsibility and are result driven. Thus, one doesn’t have to fret about the quality of product. Our company also complies with various protective clauses to provide genuine security to our workers. Workers of chemitreatindia.com also go for proper disposal of waste material, thus it will cause no harm to the environment or the people who are living in the proximity of our manufacturing unit.